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Calls for Submissions

NOTE: Check Web sites or request guidelines for complete rules, format details, entry forms, eligibility details, etc. Keep copies of all work as most publishers/sponsors now recycle hard copies rather than returning. Assume SASE required for notification of entry receipt, response, or copy of winners' list.

Questions? Contact the sponsoring organization directly. Complaints about listed organizations, awards and calls for submissions that you know about, or suggestions for future columns? E-mail us at

Journalists, editors eligible for $5,000 scholarships for college religion courses

(Columbia, Mo.) RELIGION | NEWSWRITERS invites journalists, regardless of beat, to apply to its Lilly Scholarships in Religion program. The scholarships give full-time journalists up to $5,000 to take cost college religion and spirituality courses.

With religion in the headlines more than ever, now is the perfect time to dig deepe r into today's hottest religion stories. More than 200 people have already taken advantage of RELIGION | NEWSWRITERS' Lilly Scholarships in Religion Program for Journalists.

Some of the timely topics reporters have studied include: Islamic Movements, God & Politics, Early Christianity and Western Culture, Religious Tradition and Scientific Inquiry, Buddhism and Science, Violence and Liberation, Religion and Medicine.

"This class [Foundations of Christian Moral Life] was extremely useful to my work as a journalist. I have covered almost every issue we discussed," said Melissa Evans of The Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.).

The scholarships can be used at any accredited college, university, seminary or similar institution. Journalists can take any course they choose as long as it is in the field of religion. Scholarships cover tuition, books, registration fees, parking and other costs. Online and travel courses are also included (as long as travel costs are a part of the curriculum).

All full-time journalists − including reporters, editors, designers, copy editors, editorial writers, news directors, researchers and producers − are eligible, regardless of whether or not they cover religion.

Scholarships must be used within three academic quarters of their award date. Only full-time journalists working in the general circulation news media are eligible.

RELIGION | NEWSWRITERS is the world's only journalism association for people who write about religion in the mainstream news media. The scholarships are offered through its non-profit arm, the Religion Newswriters Foundation, with funding from the Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Complete information about the Lilly Scholarships in Religion program is available at For questions, contact Amy Schiska at 573-355-5201 ext. 3#, or

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E-Drum - Get news of calls for submissions

E-Drum is a listserv which describes its content as "information of interest to black writers and diverse supporters worldwide." It announces several calls for submissions every week in a wide variety of areas - open, of course, to all writers. Most require nominal entry fees.

To read the announcements and sign up if you wish, go to You don't have to subscribe to the list in order to read the announcements.

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Send us calls for submissions!


In selecting items for the column, we seek out opportunities in a variety of genres, giving preference to listings from:
  • Established national magazines, journals, reviews, and publishers.
  • Reputable regional publications.
  • Prestigious regional organizations (Fine Arts Work Center, Provincetown; Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, Cambridge).
  • NWU members or other NWU locals.

We generally avoid listings for markets that:

  • Pay nothing or pay only in copies (we make exceptions for regional publications or those affiliated with our members).
  • Are obviously just vanity publishing operations or seem otherwise questionable.
  • Seem unlikely to appeal to most NWU/Boston members (such as contests open only to Nevada writers).

However, we try to mix in specialty listings that might be of interest to some groups of members, such as gays and lesbians, African-Americans, and writers with little or no experience.

On the issue of entry fees, we generally:

  • Avoid listings from commercial publications that charge entry or reading fees.
  • Accept some listings from reputable noncommercial organizations that charge entry or reading fees, such as colleges and nonprofit literary journals; in those cases, we give preference to those offering the biggest cash prizes and additional goodies, such as expenses-paid travel. or multiple prizes.
  • Accept some listings offering entrants something in exchange for the fee (such a subscription or awards issue).
  • Accept those with entry fees below $25; we make exceptions if there's a particularly good payoff.

Please get in touch if you have suggestions for the column, good news about something you submitted, or complaints about any listed organization or publication. Thanks!

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